Velda Clear Control Pond Pressure Filters

Velda Clear Control Pond Pressure Filters

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Key Features

  • Makes Easy Work of Dirt Particles
  • Ideal for Use With Waterfalls
  • Features 6 Different Functions for Various Needs
  • 2 Ports for UVC or Heater Add On
  • "Dirt Indicator" Which Indicates Extent of Contamination/Pollution Inside the Filter. 2 Year Guarantee


The Clear Control Pressure Filter by Velda is a hassle free premium filter system designed for larger sized ponds and waterfalls.

The Clear Control Pressure Filter is the basis for the biological equilibrium in your garden pond and is able to effectively handle higher levels of water pressure, making this pressure filter great for bigger ponds and higher waterfalls. Supplied with everything you need, you can easily maintain your pond and keep your water clean, healthy and clear.

Velda's Clear Control Pressure Filter is supplied with lava stone, high active filter carbon and Japanese matting to help make easy work of dirt particles and bacteria. With two ports to fit either an extra UVC or Heater, you can increase the UV capacity if needed or raise the temperature of the pond with an effective pond heater.

The Clear Control 25, 50 and 75 all include a UV-C unit but also give you the option to install an additional UV-C or a heater unit too (not included). The UV-C units can be easily mounted into the filter and are in a separate compartment to the filter materials, which means the micro-organisms will not get damaged by the radiation. The advantages of adding a UV-C unit into the Clear Control Pressure Filter are that it helps get rid of green water in your pond and is also an excellent agent for fighting bacterial infections.

Another option is to use a heater which can also be attached in the same way as the UV-C units. By simply removing the screw cap on the filter you can fit either units into the system with ease. Adding a heater helps the development of micro-organisms in the filter material which will help with the decomposition of organic components in your pond. Another benefit is if the outflow hose of the filter is placed near the surface of the pond water during the winter season, it can help prevent the pond from freezing over. (up to a temperature of -10°C)

Velda's Clear Control Pressure Filters feature 6 different functions for various needs, enabling you to adjust the flow direction of the water coming through the pressurized filter:


  • Back Wash This position is used to wash away the dirt under the grate which can be necessary if coarse particles of dirt have accumulated under the grate.
  • Pond Drain This position is used to empty the pond should the need arise.
  • Filtration The water flows through the preliminary compartment to the bottom of the grate and through the filter materials to the outflow. (Normal Setting)
  • Stop The filter does not allow water to pass through. This position is used when you need to clean the pump.
  • Bypass This is used for medication. In this case the water does not flow through the filter material so that the medicine stays in the water rather than getting filtered out.
  • Winter In this position the valve mechanism will be released from pressure when the filter is not in use. This position is used for storing the filter (for example, in the Winter)

The Clear Control Pressure Filter also includes a“Dirt Indicator' which indicates the extent of contamination / pollution inside the filter by using a traffic light system. (Green: no pollution & optimum flow rate, Orange: Pollution is increasing and the flow rate is limited, Red: Heavy Pollution and impeded flow rate.

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