Tetra Pond Pellets Mini & Medium Goldfish Fish Food

Tetra Pond Pellets Mini & Medium Goldfish Fish Food

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Key Features


Tetra Pond Mini/Medium Pellets are a Pond fish food designed for a all fish sizes

The pellets provide an easily digestible food that both smaller and medium/large fish can handle but still provides all the essential nutrients the fish need to sustain a balanced diet. The mini pellets are designed especially with smaller fish in mind.

Tetra Pond Pellets support a healthy immune system and as they are highly digestible, they produce less pollution in the water.

Each pellet is packed full of nutrients, vitamins and trace elements that prevent diet-related deficiencies

This allows for a healthy fish that is full of colour and vitality


Sizes Available:
1 Litre 260g (mini)
4 Litre 1050g (mini)
4 Litre 1030g ( medium)

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