Tetra Pond Filter Start Bacteria Water Treatment

Tetra Pond Filter Start Bacteria Water Treatment

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Key Features

  • 2 in 1 Formula for effective biological filtration
  • Includes highly active filter bacteria to combat ammonia and nitrite
  • Efficient cleaning bacteria to fight against pollutants, debris and muck
  • Extends the intervals between filter cleaning
  • Easy to use. Can be used to help establish a new pond


Tetra Pond Filter Start is a new and effective treatment to give your pond filter all it needs for the season ahead.

Any fish keeper knows that a properly functioning filter is crucial to maintain a balanced biological system within the pond. Beneficial bacteria collects in the filter materials and works to breakdown harmful pollutants.

But over time some filter bacteria gets lost through the process of regular maintenance and and after dormant periods like winter.

The TetraPond Filter Start is the ideal solution to help kick start your pond, helping to replenish lost bacteria and restore balance.

The Filter Start is a 2 in 1 formula that combines 2 types of natural, highly active bacteria to promote optimal pond care. The solution works to boost the effective biological filtration in the system and eliminates harmful ammonia and nitrite. The treatment uses bacteria from Tetra's own biofarm to breakdown any harmful substances which can pose a danger to fish. At the same time the treatment fights against the build up of organic pollutants like fish waste, food remains and fallen leaves.

By using the Filter Start treatment ponds can be healthier longer and can extend the time between cleaning and increases a pond filters overall service life.


500ml Treats 5000 Litres

1 Litre Treats 10000 Litres

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