TAP Sludge Buster Pond Water Treatment Balls

TAP Sludge Buster Pond Water Treatment Balls


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Key Features

  • Works to Reduce Debris and Sludge in Ponds
  • Made of Natural Ingredients
  • Helps to Create and Maintain a Crystal Clear Pond
  • Helps with Fish Well Being
  • Biodegradable Gel Balls


Waste and debris can build up in a pond, when this happens ammonia and other dangerous chemicals become present in the water which can endanger the fish and plants inside.

This waste can be easily broken down and removed to make the pond healthy once more.

The TAP Sludge Buster are biodegradable organic polymer which when added to water release the key ingredients to help combat the Sludge.

The balls work quickly and effectively by using enzyme action to give an overall clean and clearer pond.

The balls work best at a temperature of between 10 and 25 degree Celsius and have been developed to work at all pH levels between 6 and 9.

The Sludge Buster Balls should be added regularly during the pond season for maximum effect and when added to any murky pond can help to improve clarity, purity and help with the fish well being.


500ml Treats 2250 Litres (550 Gal)

1000ml Treats 4500 Litres (990 Gal)

2500ml Treats 11250 Litres (2475 Gal)

5000ml Treats 22500 Litres (4949 Gal)

Directions for use: Add 100ml of the balls to your pond for every 450 Litres. Repeat when needed

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