SuperFish Start Aquarium Kits with filter and heater

SuperFish Start Aquarium Kits with filter and heater

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The Superfish Start Aquariums feature a range of modern, stylish, complete aquarium start-up kits containing everything you need to get your home aquarium up and running.

A variety of tank sizes and colours are available - Included with the startup aquariums are a range of accessories to help you get started with fish keeping and aquarium maintenance, such as LED lighting, internal filter and heater for tropical fish environments, a thermometer, fish net, bacto filter treatment to help the filtration process and water quality, and some hikari fish food to get you started with maintaining your aquatic life.

All start aquariums include a flap located on the lid for easy feeding access to your fish. Start 70 and 100 are equipped with Retro LED Bright lighting. The white light is perfect for plant growth.


The full contents of this kit includes:

  • Rectangular Aquarium
  • LED Lighting
  • Internal water filter
  • Superfish Eco Heater
  • Fish net
  • Aqua start water conditioner
  • Bacto start filter starter
  • Thermometer
  • Hikari tropical fish food
Model Capacity LED Lighting Internal Filter Model Heater Wattage Dimensions (LxWxH)
Start Aquarium 30 25 Litres 3.5 Watt Aqua Flow 50 50W 36cm x 22cm x 37cm - including lid
Start Aquarium 50 45 Litres 5 Watt Aqua Flow 100 100W 44cm x 28cm x 44cm - including lid
Start Aquarium 70 70 Litres 11 Watt Aqua Flow 200 100W 58cm x 30cm x 45cm - including lid
Start Aquarium 100 105 Litres 14 Watt Aqua Flow 300 200W 68cm x 35cm x 51cm - including lid

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