Superfish Pond Eco Plus E 20000 Filter Pump

Superfish Pond Eco Plus E 20000 Filter Pump

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The Superfish Pond Eco Plus E20000 is an electronic filter pump for Koi and other fish ponds. This new model offers great performance whilst maintaining low power consumption, making it one of the greenest pond pumps to use!

The low power consumption (roughly 5 watts per 1,000 LPH) does not mean that the pump sacrifices performance - with a high flow output of 19,500 LPH and a max head room of 6 metres,, the Eco Plus E20000 is a very effective pump.

The Eco Plus also has a 8mm solid handling capability, and the ability to run both submerged and dry mounted. A 2 year manufacturer warranty also comes with the pump for peace of mind.

To protect your pump the eco plus pump comes with dry mount protection, meaning that it will automatically stop running if no water is detected running through the system. This process will repeat 5 times every 10 seconds until switching off to protect your pump from any further damage. The pump also features a thermal overload safety feature which will disable the pump if there is a risk of overheating, once the pump has cooled down (usually after 10 - 20 minutes) it will resume function.


Comes with a 2 year manufacturer warranty

Model: SuperFish Pond Eco Plus E 20000

Litres per Hour: 19,500

Max Head: 6 metres

Watts: 150

Solids Handling: 8mm

Outlet: Stepped hosetail (1.5 - 2 inch)

Cable Length: 10 Metres

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