SuperFish Aquarium Deco LED Volcano Kit

SuperFish Aquarium Deco LED Volcano Kit

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Key Features


The SuperFish LED Decor Small Volcano Kit with air pump is the perfect centrepiece for any small aquarium set up - providing a realistic volcano glow using energy efficient LEDs.

The Volcano kit can be placed easily inside your aquarium and includes a 1.5 metre power cable that powers the air pump and lighting.

The air pump uses a simple air valve that runs out the top of your aquarium to feed oxygen to the airpump. The LED lights are built into the base of the pump unit in a circular fashion and are red in colour.

The air pump unit sits inside the volcano and is secured via suction pads.

Includes 1 year guarantee


Height: 10cm

Diameter: 14cm

Hole at top: 3.5cm diameter

Max Depth: 40cm

Power Cable: 1.5 metres

LED Colour: Red

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