Pisces Venturi Pool Cleaner & Pond Vac

Pisces Venturi Pool Cleaner & Pond Vac

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The Pisces Venturi Pond & Pool Vac is ideal for cleaning and removing unwanted debris from your pond.

The Vac body connects to a standard garden hose and uses the pressure and flow of the water to create a venturi effect, allowing the debris to collect in the mesh net located on the top of the vac, whilst the water passes through and filters back into the pond. This process is simple and easy and causes minimal stress to any aquatic life in the pond. Additionally the debris can be used as fertiliser/compost for your garden. Located at the top of the pole where the hose is connected, is a handy water tap which can be used to control the flow of water from the hose.

The telescopic pole allows you to reach the tricky areas of your pond. This comes especially in handy when using the included net head, which allows you to scoop up debris manually. Swapping between the vac mesh and the net head is simple, just screw and unscrew your attachments from the telescopic pole.

The Pisces Venturi Vac can also come in handy when cleaning your swimming pool, especially when trying to remove floating items from tricky to reach areas.


Telescopic pole length from: 94cm to 190cm

Vac head (width x depth) : 175 x 65mm

Skimmer net head: 300 x 300mm

Collection bag/net: 250mm x 180mm

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