Pisces Twin Pack Aquarium Algae Brushes with Magnet

Pisces Twin Pack Aquarium Algae Brushes with Magnet

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Pisces Magnetic Aquarium Algae Glass Cleaner, a great choice for keeping your aquarium glass clear.

Over time aquarium tanks can develop algae, even the most healthiest of fish tanks can become "dirty" with this green algae.

Cleaning it is easy with the magnet based glass cleaner. Simply place the back part inside the tank and the front part on the outside of the tank, the magnet will hold them in place together. The strong magnetic bond allows the magnet to be moved along the glass, while doing this the brush pad on the inside of the tank will remove the algae that has stuck to the tank.

This Magnet glass cleaner is effective at scraping off the algae and the brush can be removed from the tank and easily cleaned. As well as removing the algae from the inside of the tank wall, the magnetic brush helps to clean the glass and that helps to provide a better viewing experience as well as a healthier aquarium. And because the magnets are strong, they can be used on most aquariums regardless of the glass thickness.

Also available is a slightly larger cleaner with the added bonus of a thermometer integrated into the side, giving you a way to read the water temperature as you clean.

It is perfect for an aquarium keeper as it prevents the need to open the tank and get your hands wet or the need of any chemicals to clean the glass.


2 Pack: Medium

Dimensions (Each Brush) (LxWxH): 71 x 36 x 70mm

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