Pisces Replacement Pond Pump Fittings

Pisces Replacement Pond Pump Fittings

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Replacement Pond Pump fittings, designed to fit Pisces, Jebao and some Bermuda Pond Pumps.

The fittings are ideal replacement for any parts that have been damaged or gone missing from your pond equipment set up.

Each fitting is designed to fit onto Pisces, Jebao, Bermuda or similar pond pumps. (Please check measurements to ensure correct items are chosen)

Standard Hosetails

These are provided as multistage hosetail with a female fitting. Each hosetail can fit hose from 25mm to 50mm

Balled Hosetails

These hosetails have a slight ball design, allow for freedom to angle it slightly depending on pond set up and needs. Will fit hose of 25mm to 40mm

Ball Joints

For added freedom of position, the ball joints can be turned to enable any hosetail attached to it, to sit at an angle to best suit your pond set up. Note - Large Black Ball Joint comes with a removable adaptor

Flow Taps

Attached internally to the pump motor, these allow you to adjust the flow of the water going through your pump. Note - Blue Flow Tap comes with removable blanking cap


Black Fittings

Small Ball Joint 40mm

Large Ball Joint 50mm (comes with a removable 40mm adaptor)

Flow Tap 40/50mm

Ball End Hosetail 2' BSP (25/32/40mm)

Hosetail 2' BSP (25/32/40/50mm)

2' Ball Joint +2' Hosetail

Blue Fittings

Flow Tap + Cap 40mm

Large Ball Joint 50mm

Ball End Hosetail 2' BSP (25/32/40mm)

Hosetail 2' BSP (25/32/40/50mm)

2' Ball Joint + 2' Hosetail

Please note: All our threaded fittings are BSP fittings, to determine the BSP size, please take the imperial measurement of the external diameter of the thread and minus ¼ this will give you the BSP size ie: external measurement is 1 ¼ then you require a 1' BSP fitting

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