Pisces Comino & Marovo Pre-formed Wildlife Nature Ponds with Optional Pump & Baskets

Pisces Comino & Marovo Pre-formed Wildlife Nature Ponds with Optional Pump & Baskets

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The Comino and Marovo pre-formed wildlife water feature ponds are ideal for creating a shallow water feature in your garden, providing a safe haven for wildlife to thrive and a calming feature for you to enjoy, with space for a small pump and plants in the 3 corners of the pond.

We have bundles available with our ponds which can be selected by choosing from the drop-down selection menu. These options include a Comino bundled with a Superfish eco-flow 600 fountain pump AND planting baskets, or with just the baskets and pond. Additionally, with the Marovo, we have a bundle option that includes pond plant baskets.

As well as being a peaceful water feature for you to enjoy in your garden, you're also creating a wildlife sanctuary which is important as it means you're establishing a stable ecosystem where insects can benefit from the plants in the pond, birds can bathe, and animals can drink safely.

This pre-formed water feature pond can be installed into small spaces or even incorporating into a larger water feature pond space. It's lightweight, durable, and there's also a dedicated sump area where a small pump can be installed to be used as a fountain feature, or alternatively, another plant can be placed in this space to create more habitats for wildlife to enjoy.

Unfortunately we cannot offer the Marovo with pump bundle option due to postage restrictions. However, If you wish to buy a suitable pump for the Marovo pond you can browse our store separately for a small fountain pump to go with the Marovo pond. We suggest the Superfish eco-flow 600 fountain pump. Please check the specifications for the sump size that will house the pump if you wish to fit a pump of your own choosing. Feel free to contact us if you have questions regarding other pump options

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