Pisces Aquarium Syphon Gravel Cleaner with Flow Tap

Pisces Aquarium Syphon Gravel Cleaner with Flow Tap

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Key Features

  • Essential Aquarium Cleaning Tool - Simply squeeze the hand pump to create a vaccum
  • No need for complicated set up -comes in one piece ready for use. Has flow tap for greater control.
  • Lightweight, no need to battle with complicated or heavy cleaners. Suitable for anyone to use due to being easy to handle
  • Easy to use. Sucks up debris, fish waste and food easily. Keep your gravel clean with the need to get hands wet and dirty
  • Can be used to perform water changes from tank to tank or simply from one container to another


The Pisces Aquarium Syphon Gravel Cleaner with Flow Tap is an essential tool for general aquarium cleaning and maintenance.

Simply place the syphon in the fish tank and squeeze the pump. This will start to draw water through the tubes of the syphon where you can then dispense the dirty water into a bucket ready to dispose of.

The flow control tap allows you to have better control over the flow of water. It can be used to temporarily shut off the water flow in between emptying your bucket, or allowing you to adjust how quickly water gets dispensed. This helps to reduce the risk of sucking up little fish and unwanted gravel.



Overall (approx): 2.6m

Gravel Pipe: 20cm Length / 5" Diameter

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