Oase FiltoClear Pond Filters

Oase FiltoClear Pond Filters

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The Oase range of Filtoclear Pressure filters are a popular choice for your pond's needs. Using innovative technology and a user friendly Easy Clean function, the Filtoclear is the ultimate in pond filters

Inside the Filtoclear there are two forms of filtration, the mechanical filtration, this is mainly the job of the blue foams, these foams stop the big bits of sediment and debris that your pump sends to the filter. The red foams inside your filter are finer, they will still stop debris, but as they have less contact with the main flow of water inside the filter they harbour 1000's of bacteria that helps the nitrogen cycle within your pond. Like with all modern pressurised filter systems the Filtoclear incorporates a powerful built in UVC light, this flocculates (clumps together) the algae (which makes your water green and sometimes pea soup like) by damaging the outer cell of the algae with the UV light allows the once to small algae cells to clump together allowing for them to be filtered out of your pond.

The Filtoclear also incorporates a clever light function to allow you to see when the UV bulb is on and working, which enables you to see if the UV bulb is working (UV bulbs have a maximum operating life of 9000 hours).

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