Oase FiltoClear 20000 Filter Set - 50881

Oase FiltoClear 20000 Filter Set - 50881

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The optimal combination of the new, energy-efficient OaseAquaMax Eco Premium filter pump and the Oase FiltoClear pressurised filter has been put together in a convenient kit to guarantee clear water.

The FiltoClear has a simple and convenient cleaning function (Easy-Clean-Technology), pollutant level indicator and flow control.

The working pressure of the filter allows return flow via a waterfall and/or recessed in to the ground to aid concealment.

This model has the efficient PLS/PLL UVC bulb.

This kit includes BioKick Filter Starter supplement.


Model: 20000

Mixed Fishery Litres (Gallons): 20000 (4400)

Mainly Koi Litres (Gallons): 5000 (1100)

Aquamax Eco Premium Pump: 12000

FiltoClear Filter: 20000

UVC: 36W

Suggested Hose: 38mm -50mm

This item comes with a 2 Year Guarantee (+1 extra year when registered with Oase)

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