Oase biOrb Samuel Baker Pebble Aquarium Feature

Oase biOrb Samuel Baker Pebble Aquarium Feature

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Oase biOrb Samuel Baker Pebble Sculpture

Add a modern look to your aquarium with the Samuel Baker Pebble Structure. The pebble ornament is a eye catching decoration and when combined with colourful plants in the biOrb range will make your tank an interesting and engaging place for your fish.

Designed to slide over the centre bubble tube of the biOrb tanks (30 Litres and above) or the baby biOrb, the pebble decoration sits pride of place and is easy to fit and remove.

The ornament can also be used in a biOrb Life and other Aquariums.

We recommend rinsing the ornament before placing in the tank.


Pebble Sculpture

Small: 12cm - fits baby biOrb

Medium: 19cm - fits biOrb 30L

Large: 27cm - fits biOrb 60L and biUbe

Will also fit biOrb Life (though the bubble tube will not be completely covered)

Will fit other aquariums

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