Oase Aqua Air 250 - Lake Aerator - 57479

Oase Aqua Air 250 - Lake Aerator - 57479

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The Oase Aqua Air 250 LM is a floating aerator that provides an adequate supply of oxygen for bodies of water up to 250,000 litres.

A pump supplies the air/water mixture to the artificial pond or lake via the venturi principle. The high volume flow guarantees air supply in the entire body of water through strong flow movements. Deep zones as well as shallow water zones can be optimally supplied with oxygen through the adjustable angle of the flow injector.

Oxygen plays a crucial role in breaking down nutrients in water. Many of the problems associated with an artificial lake or pond, such as algae infestation, silt or odour nuisance can be attributed to oxygen deficits. Missing oxygen can be fed into the body of water through specific water movement that introduces air. This stabilises a body of water's biological power of regeneration and results in optimal quality of the artificial lake or pond.

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Dimensions (LxWxH): 725 x 555 x 310 mm

Rated voltage: 230 V / 50 Hz

Power consumption (pump): 650 W

For bodies of water to max.: 250 m³

Litres per minute max.: 500

Litres per hour max.: 30,000 l/h (6600 g/h)

Filter surface intake: approx 3,000 cm²

Air displacement quantity :approx 8,500 l/h (1870 g/h)

Radiation depth *: up to 4 m

Minimum water depth: 500 mm

Weight: 28 kg

Cable length: 30 m

* Depends on the jet angle set

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