KCT Push Button Wall Mounted Key Safe (2 Pack)

KCT Push Button Wall Mounted Key Safe (2 Pack)


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Key Features


Keep keys safe with the Twin Pack KCT Button Key Safe.

Designed for storing keys safely for easy access. This is perfect if you need to safely store keys for various reasons. You can safely share the keys with family and friends for emergency situations. The keysafe can also be used to share keys with carers and medical personal who regularly visit. The keys are secure and can only be access by people with the code.

The keysafe can be used by pressing a preset 4 digit code on the buttons. The unit can then be opened quickly by way of the top open button and the keys retrieved. The keys themselves can be safely secure by a hook on the inside of the door or left loose inside the spacious keysafe. Setting the code is easy and can be changed just as quick and easy.

The keysafe is made of a durable and weather resistant material.

When secured on the wall with the supplied fittings, the keysafe is secure and can not be breached. A rubber based cover is provided to protect the keypad from the weather.

Keysafes have a variety of uses from using at home for easy access and for medical personal to using at vacation properties for private renters.


Overall Dimensions: 65mm x 105mm x 60mm

Internal Safe Dimensions: 40mm x 70mm x 30mm

Fittings included.

Mounting holes at back

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