KCT Log Style Mow Over Garden Border Edging

KCT Log Style Mow Over Garden Border Edging


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Key Features


The Log Styled Garden Borders are a great way of lining an area of the garden in style.

Being made out of strong and long lasting plastic, these will make a great addition to the garden, and add an effective edging around your garden with no effort at all.

The benefits of having Garden Borders are they eliminate the need for edge trimming, and can also help to reduce weed transfer to and from different areas of your Garden. Each section can be easily secured into the ground using the ground pegs included, and each section can be attached to one another for a neat and snug fit. These Log Styled Garden Borders can also be mowed over, making these a perfect decoration piece for your garden.


Measurements for Each Border:

Length: 540mm

Width: 110mm

Height: 60mm

Log Posts Diameter: 60mm (see image for reference)

Each Pack Contains 4 Borders

Pack(s) Continuous Length of Pack(s) (approx)
1 Pack (4 Borders) 216cm
2 Packs (8 Borders) 432cm
3 Packs (12 Borders) 648cm
4 Packs (16 Borders) 864cm
5 Packs (20 Borders) 1080cm
6 Packs (24 Borders) 1296cm
7 Packs (28 Borders) 1512cm
8 Packs (32 Borders) 1728cm

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