KCT Garden Compost Bins 300 - 1200 Litres

KCT Garden Compost Bins 300 - 1200 Litres


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The KCT Garden Compost Bin is an Eco-Friendly way to re-use garden scraps and food waste, producing nutrient-rich planting compost that is great for growing healthy organic vegetables.

The container is designed using a durable black plastic surround which offers weather resistance as well as high thermal transfer properties to speed up the decomposition process. It also keeps unpleasant odours contained during this process so as not to leave unpleasant smells free to drift across your garden.

It is very simple to assemble, without the need for any tools and even easier to use. Simply add waste into the top section via the lid, and then when ready remove the compost at the bottom to distribute as you wish.


Use more than one unit to increase the amount of waste you can compost.
300L = 1 unit
600L = 2 units
900L = 3 units
1200L = 4 units
Overall Size: 56cm x 60cm x 82cm (Length x Width x Height)
Lower door opening: 30cm x 42cm (Height x Width)
Please note: Item arrives flat pack, assembly required, instructions provided.

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