KCT 8ft Wooden Pet Run With Asti Box/Hutch

KCT 8ft Wooden Pet Run With Asti Box/Hutch


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Our KCT 8ft Wooden Pet Run with Asti Box is an all in one temporary shelter for your small pets. This bundle contains the standard 8ft wooden pet run along with our Asti box/hutch, which is designed to keep your pet safe and dry.
Our 8ft wooden pet run is our largest available run and provides the most room for your pet to explore and enjoy. This pet run provides spacious room for slightly bigger pets such as larger rabbits and even tortoises.

The Asti Box is a small wooden hutch that fits perfectly inside our KCT 8ft Run. With its drop down door, this hutch provides easy access for your pet so that they make seek safety and shelter. This hutch allows your pet to avoid harsh weather conditions such as intense heat and freezing ground temperatures, as well as providing a safe place to sleep and rest.

The Asti Box is made from pre-treated high quality wood with a sloping asphalt roof that can be raised in order to access your pet.
Please note that due to the size of the 8ft Run and Asti Box Hutch, these items are not designed/suitable as permanent living spaces for your pet and are instead intended as temporary, portable shelters for your pet to explore and enjoy. Please always be mindful of the spatial requirements of your special pet/s and choose appropriately from our 4ft, 6ft, and 8ft KCT Wooden Pet Run Ranges.


8ft Wooden Pet Run:

Overall Dimensions:240 x 100 x 48.5cm (Length x Width x Height)

Gap between mesh: 1.2cm

Asti Box/Hutch:

Overall Dimensions (LxWxH): 52cm x 42cm x 43cm

Internal:34cm x 42cm x 31cm

Door Width:18cm

*Based on outermost extremities.
Assembly required, instructions included*approx.
Size of shelter is ideal for one small/medium sized rabbit, guinea pig, ferret or other pet.
Not suitable for very large rabbits or poultry due to size.

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