Cloverleaf Genesis Pond Filters

Cloverleaf Genesis Pond Filters

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The Genesis range of multi bay in-line filtration systems are available in a range of sizes and are similar to the CL filters, but better suited to the mixed ornamental pond, or the small Koi pond where high fish loads are not present. The Mk2 (II) range is suited to larger ponds, and special design large multi-bay configurations are possible.

The range offers very good value for money and with its neat design and low height is hardly ever obtrusive in any garden setting. Filtration mediums are the same as the CL range, with only genuine Japanese matting being used where applicable.

Yet again the system can be installed in tandem, or in addition can make a super secondary system when connected to a skimmer unit. The well-engineered Genesis range is not a poor relation to anything, and can happily stand scrutiny and evaluation in comparison to many other leading manufacturers' product. Indeed, if any of the Genesis range is coupled to a Cloverleaf Fluidised Bed, then the end result offers a powerful punch for the many demanding pond keepers who regard water quality as a serious subject.

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