Cloverleaf Absolute + Wormer 50g Aquarium Fish Medication

Cloverleaf Absolute + Wormer 50g Aquarium Fish Medication

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Cloverleaf Absolute + Wormer is an effective Anti-Worm Medication for your Aquarium fish.

Used by veterinarians and professionals, Absolute Wormer provides essential protection against all types of internal and external worms.

Signs of possible parasites include loss of colour and appetite, weight loss, fins remaining clamped, fish spending unusual amounts of time at the surface and general lethargic behaviour.

Swift treatment with Absolute + Wormer ensures quick treatment and rapidly reduces parasites in fresh water fish.

With added pH buffer, the medication is most effective against outbreaks of skin flukes, gill flukes, internal worms, Hexamita, Anchor worm and Fish Lice

It is recommended to treat your aquarium every 4 weeks to maintain a healthy environment.

The treatment is safe to use with aquarium plants and will not harm filter bacteria. However it is not to be used in aquariums containing Sting Rays, Young Fish Fry, shrimps, Snails and all other Crystaceans or Molluscs


50g Sachet

Dosage: Treats 22700L (5000Gal) - add 1g per 454L (100Gal) of water . Dissolve in a container with a small amount of aquarium water, mix well and distribute evenly across the surface of the fish tank.

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