Cloverleaf Absolute Repti-Vet Reptile Wormer + 20g - Parasite Treatment for Lizards and Snakes

Cloverleaf Absolute Repti-Vet Reptile Wormer + 20g - Parasite Treatment for Lizards and Snakes

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Key Features

  • Pro Strength Formula Reptile Wormer from Cloverleaf
  • Protection against intesinal Parasites like Roundworm, Hookworm & Pindoworms
  • Rapdily reduces gut parasite burden on Lizards and Snakes
  • Used by Veterinarians and experienced Keepers
  • 20g Pouch - Suitable for up to 5.6kg of Animal Body Weight


Cloverleaf Absolute Repti-Vet Reptile Wormer+ is an effective treatment for Lizards and Snakes.

The Absolute Reptile Wormer + is a Pro Strength formula medical treatment for the enhanced protection against Intestinal Parasites in newly import and captive lizards and snakes.

The treatment is used by Veterinarians and experienced keepers to protect and treat reptiles and is effective on Inter-Muscular and Intestinal Parasites like Roundworm, Hookworm and Pinworms. The wormer will rapidly reduce gut parasite burdens and help to maintain the reptiles overall health.

The 20g Pouch treats 5.6kg in Animal Body Weight


Directions for Use

Directions: Weigh, as accurately as possible, the total body weight of the Reptile intended to be treated. If treating more than one animal we recommend each animal be separated to enable more accurate treatment.


Lightly mist the food to be treated with water prior to medication to help adhere the wormer powder to the food.

Dose: 1 level 0.5ml /0.3g, scoop provided, per 250g of body weight, lightly sprinkled over food daily. Repeat for three consecutive days. Dispose of unused medicated food after the three day period.

Medicating Snakes

Mix the required amount with a small amount of water apply it to the fur of the food item just before feeding.

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