Cloverleaf Absolute cT Anti-Bacterial Treatment 55g

Cloverleaf Absolute cT Anti-Bacterial Treatment 55g

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Key Features

  • Treats bacterial infections in fresh water
  • Works for ulcers, fin rot, and other bacterial diseases
  • Daily treatment for 4 days
  • Helps to reduce aquatic pathogens
  • Safe for koi and other ornamental fish


Cloverleaf Absolute cT is a full-strength anti-bacterial treatment for your freshwater fish. Absolute cT is a Chloramine-T Hydrate treatment designed to treat bacterial infections such as body ulcers, fin rot & systemic bacterial disease. This full-strength formula ensures a speedy recovery and is safe to use with koi and other ornamental fish. Absolute cT also works to control aquatic pathogens in your pond.

The 55g treatment is designed to treat up to 6250 Litres (1375 Gallons) of freshwater and holds 4x servings. Each serving is meant to be delivered in 10g doses every day for 4 days. Simply mix the required amount with roughly 1 litre of clean water and distribute evenly. Ensure all biological filtration is left running and check that ample oxygen supply is being provided to the water at all times. Do not use with saltwater.

Please Note:

Please take care to read the included instructions carefully. This product is not suitable for water temperatures below 10 degrees celcius (50 degrees farenheit). Please test your waters pH and hardness level prior to using this product as levels below pH 7 (acidic) and a hardness below 6 dH (soft water) will require you to reduce the dosage by 75% - please take care to monitor your fish during treatment and bare in mind that effectiveness will be reduced in this situation due to the required lower dosage. Ultra violet lights should be turned off during the full course of the treatment.


Suitable for: Fresh water fish, koi, and other ornamental fish. Do not mix with salt water

Size: 55g (treats 6259 Litres)

Usage: 10g per 4546 litres of water every day for 4 days

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