Cloverleaf Absolute Clear Pond Water Treatment

Cloverleaf Absolute Clear Pond Water Treatment

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Key Features

  • Cures cloudy and misty fresh and salt water
  • 100% natural solution
  • Safe for all ponds, fish and wildlife species
  • Clears water through flocculation reaction
  • Works on natural ponds


Cloverleaf Absolute Clear+ is a 100% natural, fast-acting cleaning water treatment for your pond - available in either a 250ml (treats 5,675 Litres) or a 1 litre (treats 22,700 Litres) bottle.

Absolute Clear works to rapidly clear green, cloudy, dirty water by using a chemical reaction called flocculation. This process is completely safe for your pond and its inhabitants as it works with all fish and wildlife species. It is also harmless to filter bacteria.

Each bottle features a 10ml serving chamber that allows you to pour out the recommended 10ml dosage in a controlled manner.

Flocculation causes contaminants such as specific algae cells and sediments to clump together and fall out of suspension. This means that your filter can remove contaminants more effectively, leaving your pond healthy and clear. This treatment also works on natural ponds as the contaminant clumps will fall to the bottom of the pond bed and will be broken down naturally by naturally occurring bacteria.


Suitable for: Safe for all ponds and can be used with all fish and wildlife species

Available Sizes: 250ml (treats 5,675 Litres) & 1 litre (treats 22,700 Litres)

Usage: 10ml per 227 Litres of pond water repeated twice a month (Full instructions included)

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