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Slider Scooter

Models to be recalled:

  • KCT Leisure Slider Scooter SP02 Green
  • KCT Leisure Slider Scooter SP07 Green
  • KCT Leisure Slider Scooter SP02 Pink
  • KCT Leisure Slider Scooter SP07 Pink

UPDATE 01/12/2014 - The SP-07 model (smaller model) has insufficient strength in the steering column which may cause it to detach under normal usage.

We have been advised by our local Trading Standards office that these products are under a health and safety investigation due to them posing "a risk of ejection due to making use of front brake only".

In the interests of public safety we are removing these products from sale with immediate effect and we will continue to comply with all relevant regulations and procedures as we work to resolve this matter.

Please dispose of the item or return to Aquatix-2u Ltd for a full refund of purchase price.

If you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact Aquatix-2u via email customercare@aquatix-2u.co.uk


call 0845 224 2802(local rate) or 01473 730 520 (8.30am -5.00pm Monday Friday)

Aquatix-2u would like to thank you for your co-operation and apologises for any inconvenience caused.

Aquatix-2u Ltd
Glebe Farm
London Road