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KCT - Adjustable Pet Stand with 2 Bowls

Sku: PPF210

Key Features

  • Adjustable Height
  • 2 easy to move feeding bowls.
  • Adjusts quickly and easily for desired feeding height
  • Height from 12cm up to 50cm
  • Non slip, H design base
  • Durable material
  • Can be used indoors or outdoors
  • 3 Sizes available


KCT Adjustable Pet Stand with 2 bowls, an easy solution for your pets meal time.

The fully adjustable bowl system helps your dog to eat its meal in a natural standing position, this is best in order to improve and aid digestion.

The 2 deep bowls are housed in a twin holder that can be easily adjusted up or down to suit the height thats best for your pet. Each bowl can hold either water or food and can be easily removed from the holder for filling or cleaning.

The bowls adjust with a simple twist knob which when tightens keeps the bowl rings in the desired place.

The frame has a sturdy H design base with 4 non slip feet. Giving stability to the feeding station.

The feeding station assembles quickly and is made of a hard wearing and durable material, allowing it to be used around the home or garden.

Please check the specifications for the internal and external measurements of all bowls.



Dimensions: 50 x 40.5 x 26cm

Bowls: 15cm Diameter, 6cm Deep

External Bowl Diameter: 17.5cm at its widest point


Dimensions: 50 x 40.5 x 26cm

Bowls: 17.5cm Diameter, 7.5cm Deep

External Bowl Diameter: 19cm at its widest point


Dimensions: 50 x 40.5cm x 26cm

Bowls: 19cm Diameter, 7cm Deep

External Bowl Diameter: 21cm at its widest point

All stands adjusts from 12cm up to 50cm

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