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Pisces Bird Diverter 5 Pack

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Key Features

  • Easy to install in desired location
  • Can be hung from trees, poles, ropes or on fences
  • Ideal to go around ponds
  • Iridescent foil hanging diverter with a predator eye design
  • Will scare away any predators in gardens.
  • Pack of 5


Pisces Aquacare Reflective Diverter is an easy to install kit to help deter predators from your garden and pond.

The reflective diverters are made of a iridescent foil material and designed with a predator eye at its centre. The eye is designed to reflect and scare away any predators like Herons or other birds as it looks to them as if another bird is in that territory and they will leave.

The diverters hang onto branches of trees, on the end of poles or anywhere around the Pond or garden. They swivel easy to allow for a 360 degree field for added effectiveness.

The Diverters come in a pack of 5 and can be used in Gardens, Pond areas, Patios, gazebos, up trees and around balconys.


Pack of 5

13cm x 9.5cm

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