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Pet Corrector Spray - Company of Animals

Sku: PPA100

Key Features

  • Simple Training tool
  • Easy to use.
  • Emits a safe inert gas
  • Helps to stop unwanted behavior like jumping, barking or chewing
  • Up to 200 uses (depending on size of can)


The Pet Corrector Spray is a unique training tool designed to kerb unwanted behavior in your dog.

Some dogs can exhibit undesired behavior like jumping up, barking constantly, chewing and stealing food. The Pet Corrector emits a small hiss of compressed gas when pressed. This small action is completely safe for animals and helps to train and control the behavior by producing a broad spectrum sound that varies from a low frequency to a high hiss.

This sounds' overall effect is to immediately grab the attention of the dog and cause them to stop the unwanted actions. Dogs will react to the Pet Corrector because the gentle sound is genetically programmed in the dog to be associated with danger, much like the hiss of a snake or the buzz of an insect. Once the dog ceases the unwanted behavior, they can be rewarded with a treat. The Pet Corrector is a handy and easy to use training tool and can also be used effectively on other animals like cats or horses.


30ml - upto 30 uses

50ml - upto 50 uses

200ml - upto 200 uses

Training and safety instructions included

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