Pond water treatment buyer's guide

Blanket weed and green water

Blanket weed and green water (algae) are very common problems for pond keepers. Algae gives your pond an overall green water appearance, whereas blanket weed covers the surface of your pond with a green layer.

Both block light from reaching your fish and plants and spoil the appearance of your pond. They can be easily treated by regularly adding a dose of a green water treatment to your pond.

Pond treatments for chlorine

When you add tap water to your, either to fil it initially or to top it up, you will be using tap water which is treated with chlorine. This makes it safe to drink but is not good for your fish and plants. Adding a couple of drops per litre to your pond removes this chemical making the water safe for your fish.

Water treatments for sludge

Sludge will build up in the bottom of your pond. It is mix of soil, rotting plant material and fish waste. This sludge can block the view of your fish and become a breeding ground for harmful bacteria. Our range of sludge treatments can help to break up this debris, leaving your pond clean and clear.

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