Pond Vacuum Buyers Guide

Why do I need a pond vacuum?

Pond vacuums help to remove floating debris that pond filters cannot cope with. Leaves, grass and weeds can fall into your pond a float on the surface blocking light to your pond fish. They can also potentially block your filter if not removed.

Sludge is can also be a problem for pond keepers. Some sludge is inevitable it is a combination of earth, rotten plant material and fish waste. Pond Vacuums can also remove this waste material from the bottom of your pond.

Removing using a pond net can be back-breaking work, especially if you have a large pond. Pond vacuums can easily suck up floating debris with very little effort from you required.

Which pond vacuum?

The pond vacuum you choose will largely depend on the size of your pond. If you have a large pond you will need a model with high suction power, a wide hose and a large container. For smaller ponds a less powerful model will be sufficient. Our range has an option for every size pond and budget. Each product has clear specifications so you will know you are ordering the right pond vacuum for you.

Some pond vacuums such as those from Oase double up as general garden and household cleaners, so you can keep your lawn free of leaves as well as your pond.

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