Pond supplies buyers guide

How to build a pond

Starting your first garden pond is slightly more complicated than digging a hole - but only slightly. Using the right pond supplies will turn your pond into a thriving eco system, which will be a great home for fish and local wildlife.

Lining your pond

Once you have dug your pond, it is essential to purchase tough rubber liner in order to prevent leaks. If you have a small garden pond, a PVC liner is ideal for you. This cost effective material is very flexible and great for curved ponds.

If have a large garden pond you will something more substantial. Our EPDM liners are incredibly durable and puncture resistant.

For help deciding how much liner to buy, check out our pond liner calculator

Filling your pond

Once sealed, your pond can be filled with water. Tap water is not automatically safe for fish. It is treated with a cocktail of chemicals such as chlorine to make it safe to drink but these stifle the natural bacteria which is essential for fish. Once your pond is full it will need to be treated before adding your fish.

Pond equipment checklist

In order to maintain a healthy pond there is a range of essential equipment you will need. These range from budget starter models, to high end lines for pond enthusiasts.

You will need:

  • Pond pump - to help water circulate
  • Pond filter - to remove dirt and debris
  • Pond spares - see our selection to help you pond equipment last longer
  • Pond nets - for scooping out unwanted material and moving fish
  • Pond cleaning equipment - as high or low tech as your like
  • Water features - optional
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