Why do I need a pond filter?

A pond filter is an essential piece of kit for keeping nasties out of your pondís ecosystem. A filter will sift out and break up lumps of dirt and debris, as well as adding an element of biological filtration. Helpful bacteria will grow on filter foams and between filter media which will help keep harmful bacteria and fish diseases at bay.

Types of pond filter

Filters without a UV clarifier

Ordinary pond filters are effective at performing the traditional functions of a filter: removing dirt, debris and harmful bacteria. They are usually lower in price. Our non-UVC filters start at around £20. There are many options to choose from and these filters come in a range of sizes to cope with large and small ponds.

Filters with a UV clarifier

UVC filters help combat dirt, debris and bacteria in the same way a traditional filter would, however they come with an added function. The UV clarifier helps to remove green algae from water by exposing it to UV light which destroys its cells. This results in a pond that is not only clean but crystal clear as well.

UVC or traditional filter?

Traditional Filter UVC Filter
Mechanical filtration Yes Yes
Biological filtration Yes Yes
Clears green water No Yes
Requires additional quartz sleeves and O-rings No Yes
Budget From around £20 From around £70
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