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Pisces Pond Nets with Telescopic Handle

Sku: PIN110

Key Features

  • Wide Mesh Net
  • Telescopic extendable Handle
  • Ideal for catching fish or cleaning ponds.
  • Detachable net heads ranging from 30cm to 60cm
  • Deep net heads


Pisces Wide Mesh Fish Catch Nets with Telescopic Handles

The Pisces pond net comes with a wide mesh head and a telescopic handle. The handle can extend from 80cm to 150cm giving you extra range for the hand to reach places and reduces the need to stretch over larger ponds.

The Net itself is deep, ideal for larger fish or debris

The Pisces nets are ideal for catching fish for examination or moving.

They can also be used for fishing debris and leaves from the pond.


Net Size  Mesh Size  Handle Size  Mesh Depth 
Small 12" (30cm) Wide (5 -6mm) Extendable (85 -150cm) 20 -25cm
Medium 16" (40cm) Wide (5 -6mm)  Extendable (85 -150cm)  25 -30cm
Large 20" (50cm) Wide (5 -6mm)  Extendable (85 -150cm) 30cm
Extra Large 24" (60cm) Wide (5 -6mm) Extendable (85-150cm) 30cm

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