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Pisces Fish Catch Nets with handle

Sku: PIN100

Key Features

  • 6" and 10" Nets are white and with a fine mesh
  • 14" and 18" Nets are black with a wide mesh
  • 90cm Handle
  • Ideal for catching fish or cleaning ponds.


Pisces Fish Catch Nets.

The Pisces Fish Catch Nets are available in different sizes.

Each net comes with a 90cm handle.

The 6" and 10" are white nets with a fine mesh. The 14" and 18" are a black mesh with wide mesh

The Pisces nets are ideal for catching fish for examination or moving. They can also be used for fishing debris and leaves from the pond.


Size  Net Head Size (WxH) Handle Size   Net Hole Size   Colour 
Small 6" (15cm) 15cm x 13cm 90 cm Long  Fine Mesh <1mm   White
Medium 10" (25cm) 25cm x 20cm  90 cm Long   Fine Mesh <1mm   White
Large 14" (35cm) 35cm x 30cm 90 cm Long   Wide Mesh 5 -6mm    Black
Extra Large 18" (45cm) 45cm x 36cm  90 cm Long  Wide Mesh 5 -6mm   Black

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