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Bio-Carbon Media 500g for Aquarium Filters

Sku: PIM103

Key Features

  • Eliminates odors, discoloration, and dissolved organic wastes from aquarium water
  • Performs up to 3X more efficiently than other activated carbon
  • Faster working, longer-lasting, phosphate-free activated carbon
  • Multipurpose chemical filter media for fresh and saltwater aquariums
  • Will not raise phosphate levels
  • 100% natural wood carbon
  • Safe for both freshwater and saltwater tank


Aquarium water can become contaminated by dyes, metals and chemicals which affect the purity and clarity of water and endanger the health of fish. Using carbon in the filter is the best way to remove these contaminants.

Premium activated filter carbon pellets is an effective pelletized carbon for fresh and salt water aquariums. These activated carbon pellets absorb toxic waste and prevent the buildup of harmful gases. This activated carbon contains large absorption pores which are vital to removing organic compounds and dissolved organics. For use in all fresh and salt water aquariums.


500g Boxes available in multi packs

1x 500g

2x 500g

3x 500g

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