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Pisces Ceramic Rings 500g Aquarium Filter Media

Sku: PIM100

Key Features

  • 500g per pack
  • Very Quickly removes and disintegrate harmful NO2/NO3
  • Special shape and size to ensure good water flow and distribution in the filter media
  • Very effectively breaks up impure substances therefore making aquatic fishes and plants much more healthier.
  • Ideal for both salt water and fresh water


Pisces Ceramic Biological Rings are highly effective and long lasting filtering material based of a purely biological nature.

The Rings provide a favorable habitat for degradative bacteria and other favorable microorganisms and doesn't require frequent cleaning.

The ring surface area is large enough for excellent water flow.

In addition, filtering rings and similar media provide fish with an excellent habitat in both salt-water and fresh-water aquariums by reducing the risk of aquatic disease

Each pack has 500g of Ceramic Media


Tank Size  Recommended Amount  Lifes Span 
2ft -2.5ft (50 -80 Litre) 500g 12 Months
3ft (120 -150 Litre) 1000g 12 Months 
4ft (180 - 280 Litre) 1500g 12 Months
5ft (300 - 500 Litre)  2500g 12 Months

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