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Oase Pontec - Part - 43763 Replacement Rotor/Impeller - PondoClear Island 3000/PondoAir 1200 LED

Sku: OPS317

Key Features

  • Genuine Pontec Part
  • Part No 43763
  • Fits the PondoClear Island 3000
  • Also suitable for the PondoAir 1200 LED
  • Replacement impeller for the internal pump.


This Genuine Pontec replacement rotor fits into the PondoClear Island 3000 and the PondoAir 1200 LED.

Also called the Impeller, this small rotor fits into the pump inside the floating features. Sometimes these small impellers can become damaged or worn over time.

Replacing them helps to increase the life of your Pontec product.


Pontec Rotor Part 43763


PondoAir 1200 LED (43188)

PondoClear Island 3000 (43186/43281)

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