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Oase Pontec - Part - 15558 Replacement Pondopress 5000 Foam Kit

Sku: OPS101_b

Key Features

  • Geniune Oase Pontec Foams
  • Made of High Quality material
  • Fits Pondopress 5000 Filter.
  • Will also fit the Biopress 4000


Replacement Foam Media sets for the Pontec Pondopress.

After a while, the foam inside your filter needs replacing. This ensures the filters works to the best of its abilities and keeps your pond clear and healthy. The Oase Pontec Pondopress foam kits are geniune foam sets, all you need to replace the foams in your Pondopress filter or Biopress 4000 Filter.

Part 15558 fits the Pondopress 5000 as well as the Biopress 4000. It consists of 2 Coarse black foams and 1 blue finer foam



Part 15558

Black Foam: 15cm Diameter, 9cm depth with a centre section of 6.5cm diameter approx.

Blue Foam: 15cm Diameter, 3.5cm depth with a centre section of 6.5cm diameter approx

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