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Oase Pontec PondoCompact Water Feature Pump

Sku: OPP220

Key Features

  • Ideal for Water Features
  • Compact Design
  • Adjustable Flow Control Setting
  • Quiet Running
  • Rubber Feet for Added Stability
  • Suitable for Indoor or Outdoor
  • 2000 - 5000 Pumps Also Suitable for Dry Installation
  • 2 Year Guarantee


The Pontec PondoCompact is a simple to use and reliable pump that can be added to any feature to create the desired effect.

Suitable for Indoor and Outdoor use, the PondoCompact range of statuary fountain pumps are small and compact, ideal to use in even the smallest of spaces.

The reliable and quiet running pumps can be used for any decorative fountain, water feature, display, ornament or statuette and can be used for indoor displays as well as outdoor features.

Each pump has an adjustable water flow allowing you full control of your feature or fountain. The pumps are made of high-quality materials and have suckers on the base to ensure secure positioning in your desired location.

Dry installation is also available on the 2000 - 5000 size pumps, giving you more options for your installation needs.


Model Max Flow Rate Flow Rate at 0.5m  Flow Rate at 1m  Flow Rate at 2m  Flow Rate at 3m Max Head Height  Wattage  Hose Outlet/Adaptor Size(s) Dry Mount Adaptor Size  Dimensions
300 300 LPH  180LPH  -  -  - 0.7M 5W 13mm  N/A 45 x 40 x 45mm
600 600 LPH  430LPH  120LPH  -  - 1.25M 11W N/A 47 x 35 x 55mm
800 800 LPH  600LPH  360LPH  -  - 1.60M 20W 13 + 17 + 19mm N/A 62 x 45 x 78mm
1200 1200 LPH  840LPH  600LPH  -  - 2.00M 25W N/A 75 x 55 x 90mm
2000 2000 LPH  1800LPH  1350LPH  300LPH  - 2.20M 32W 20 + 25mm 20mm Barb to 0.75" Female BSP 75 x 55 x 90mm
3000 3000 LPH  2490LPH  2100LPH  1260LPH  1260LPH 3.00M 55W 170 x 75 x 120mm
5000 5000 LPH  4320LPH  3720LPH  2000LPH  <500LPH 3.10M 82W 20 + 25mm 25mm Barb to 1" Female BSP 170 x 75 x 120mm

All pumps come with 10m of cable and are not supplied with any plug.

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