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Oase Pontec PondoSolar Air Island Plus

Sku: OPP213

Key Features

  • Solar Powered
  • Rechargeable Battery
  • Floating Island with intergrated solar panel.
  • Provides aeration by way of an 6V air pump and connected air stone.
  • No running costs
  • Simple to install
  • 2 Year Guarantee


Oase Pontec introduce their new Solar Powered Air Island.

The PondoSolar Air Island Plus is a floating, solely solar powered air pump that provides essential aeration to any pond. The beneficial air bubbles distribute softly along the surface of the water

The island sits freely on the surface of your pond and uses its intergrated solar panel to soak up the suns energy and uses it to power the air pump. Aeration is provided by way of an attached 50cm hose and airstone.

The PondoSolar Air Island Plus is perfect for ponds and features with an external power supply as it needs no additional power. And because of this, it is simple to install and easy to maintain.


Pump Max Flow Rate: 150 LPH

Solar Panel: 0.8 Watts

Dimensions of Island: 270mm diameter, 40mm depth

Contents: Island, 6V pump, 50cm hose and an airstone

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