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Oase Pontec Pondoclear Set 4000

Sku: OPC111

UV PLS Lamp - 7 Watt

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UV PLS Lamp - 7 Watt

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Key Features

  • Complete set with Pump, filter and UVC
  • Hose included
  • Pump with 1000 lph flowrate
  • Multi-Stage filtration system
  • 7 Watt underwater UVC
  • Pump cable of handling up to 4mm solids
  • 2 Year Guarantee


The Oase Pontec PondoClear set 4000 is a complete filter pump and UV set

For use in ponds of up to 4000 Litres (with no fish) or 2000 Litres (with fish) The filter system is guaranteed to give you clear and healthy water.

The set includes all you need. From the filter and pump to the foams, biomedia and hose.

The pump has a unique intergrated 7 Watt UVC that can handle up to 4mm solids.

Included in the set is 3 metres of hose.


Pump Flow Rate: 1000 lph

For Max pond Volume (without fish) : 4000 Litres

For Max Pond Volume (with fish) : 2000 Litres

Outlet: 50mm

UVC: 7 Watt

Dimensions in mm : 300 x 260 x 310

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