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Oase Pontec Pondopress Sets

Sku: OPC100

Key Features

  • Incl. bio-mechanical filter media integrated UVC clarifier
  • Pressure filter sets with clear water guarantee for ponds up to 15,000 litres (without fish stock)
  • High performance filter pump (2,500 l/h) with 4 mm openings
  • 4.5m hose included in 5,000
  • 5 m hose included in 10,000 and 15,000
  • The filtered water can be channeled up to 2m in height and can operate a watercourse
  • Unique, convenient, cleaning mechanism for maintaining filter media
  • 2 Year Guarantee


Pontec Pondopress Sets, great value Pressurised Filter systems from Oase.

Pontec Pondopress Sets are complete filtration systems for your garden pond, combining pump, filter and UVC.

The pressurised filter can be buried in the ground up to its lid to conceal most of the unit leaving it to run its high performance filtration whilst out of sight.

And doing does not hamper maintenance thanks to an easy cleaning system by way of a handle in the centre of the lid.

Cleaning is straightforward, simply disconnect the hose on the outlet pipe (that returns to your pond) and connect a pipe to use to evacuate the waste. Press the handle up and down and the system cleans out the dirty water and sends it through to this waste pipe and onto the ground (or location of your choice) When the water begins to flow through clean, then simply replace the hose back to the original outlet hose and its all done.

Each set comes paired with a relevant high performance Pontec Pump and hose for a complete filtration system set up

*Please Note* The 5000 has a 20mm Hose, the 10,000 & 15,000 both come with a 25mm hose.


Model  Pump Flow Rate in LPH (GPH)  Max Pond Size No Fish in Litres (Gallons)  Max Pond Size With Fish in Litres (Gallons)  UVC Power  Dimensions in mm Hose/Clips 
Pondopress 5000 with Pontec 1500  1500 (330) 5000 (1100) 2500 (550) 7 225 x 225 x 325  4.5m/ 2 Clips
Pondopress 10000 with Pontec 2500  2500 (550) 10000 (2200) 5000 (1100) 9 350 x 350 x 450  5m/ 2 Clips
Pondopress 15000 with Pontec 2500  2500 (550) 15000 (3300) 7500 (1650) 11 350 x 350 x 560  5m/ 2 Clips

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