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Oase FiltoSmart External Aquarium Filters

Sku: OIF130

Key Features

  • Compact External Filters
  • Helps to produce Crystal Clear water through a multi-stage mechanical and biological filtration
  • Automated shut off to prevent water loss when cleaning (not on the 60)
  • Complete set up-includes media, hose, adaptor, flow intake and outflow tubes and water diffuser
  • For small to medium tanks.
  • Can be placed outside the tank, helping to keep the tank free of equipment
  • Large Filter Surface Area in a compact space
  • 3 Years Guarantee


FiltoSmart External Aquarium Filters, new systems direct from Oase.

The FiltoSmart External Aquarium Filters are small and compact filters designed for the smaller to medium sized tanks while creating essential space saving solutions. They help to create crystal clear and healthy water through multi-stage mechanical and biological filtration along with a large filter surface area in a small compact filter unit.

FiltoSmart 60

The FiltoSmart 60 is designed for the smaller tanks ranging up to 60 Litres. The filter is practical and space saving, being designed to sit neatly under the aquarium as well as placed to the side. It can also be fastened to the side of the tank with the bracket (available to purchase separately).The Filter helps to produce healthy water for the fish through the biological media inside the filter. The FiltoSmart 60 comes with all that is needed to set up straight away including ceramic media, hoses and tubes.

FiltoSmart 100 - 300

On top of working hard to keep the water clean by using the multi-stage filtration system, the 100 -300 range of FiltoSmart's also offer a selection of added benefits making them ideal for larger tanks.

Such as:

  • Automated shut off feature that prevents undesired water from escaping when cleaning the filter
  • Easy Click opening mechanism on the filter provides simple access for cleaning
  • Adjustable flow rate, controlled directly from both the inflow and outflow adaptor.
  • Secure and stable filter cannister base, to prevent it from falling over
  • 200 and 300 models come with carrying handle
  • Each Filtosmart 100-300 can be retrofitted to include the HeatUp heater


Model For Tanks up to Max Flow Rate Max Head Height Power Consumption Filter Media Included Connection for hoses -diameter Dimensions
FiltoSmart 60 60 Litres (14 Gallons) 300 LPH (66 GPH) 0.7m 5 Watts 2 x Small Bags Ceramic Rings 10mm 286 x 150 x 120mm
FiltoSmart 100 100 Litres (22 Gallons) 600 LPH (132 GPH) 1.1m 11 Watts 1x Ceramic Rings 13mm 312 x 192 x 190mm
FiltoSmart 200 200 Litres (44 Gallons) 800 LPH (176 GPH) 1m 17 Watts 2 x Ceramic Rings, 2 x Activated Carbon 17mm 372 x 294 x 248mm
FiltoSmart 300 300 Litres (66 Gallons) 1000 LPH (220 GPH) 1.3m 23 Watts 3 x Ceramic Rings, 2 x Activated Carbon 17mm 462 x 290 x 246mm

All FiltoSmarts have a 1.5m power lead, are suitable for Fresh and Salt Water tanks and come with a 3 year guarantee

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