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Oase - Part - 50124 SwimSkim 25 Surface Skimmer

Sku: OAS101

Key Features

  • Suitable for pond up to 25 sq.m.
  • An injector that enriches the pond with oxygen
  • Fine foam for mechanical/biological filtration
  • Ice preventer function through water movement
  • A removable collection basket means easy maintenance
  • Automatically adjusts to any water level
  • 2 Year Guarantee


The Oase SwimSkim floats on the surface of your pond drawing in the water from the surface of your pond into the basket inside the unit.

Leaves and debris remain in the basket while a layer of foam traps smaller particles such as pollen and duckweed.

The water is then pushed out the base where a venturi system adds air to your pond.

It can be anchored to make it easier to access.


Dimensions in mm (LxWxH): 332 x 297 x 250

Cable length: 10 m

Guarantee: 2 years

Power consumption (watt): 40

Filter basket volume: 0.9 l

Max. pond surface: 25 mē

Possible water level difference: unlimited

Pump capacity: 2500 l/h (550 g/h)


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