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Oase FiltoMatic Pond Filter Systems

Sku: OAF154

Key Features

  • Integrated UVC clarifier Integrated pump system for sludge discharge
  • Regulates interval cleaning and UVC
  • Controls sludge discharge via the sludge pump
  • Thanks to the need-driven mode of operation energy savings of up to 40%* are possible
  • 2 Year Guarantee (with optional additional year)


The all new Oase FiltoMatic CWS systems are a genuine multi-talent, with a built in pond manager. They automatically monitor virtually all sources of stress that pose a hazard for the pond: excess nutrients, sludge and suspended algae - resulting in biologically clear water 365 days a year.

The active control unit monitors temperature and regulates sludge discharge, automatic interval cleaning and UVC as needed, with power savings of upto 40% as a result of the clocked UVC. Cleaning, UVC and sludge discharge can also be controlled individually. The integrated sludge pump prevents the build up of sludge within the filter.

Phosphates accumulate within sludge and are perfect nutrients to encourage the growth of blanketweed (string algae), by monitoring and discharging the sludge from the filter, the occurance of blanketweed is greatly reduced.


Model  Max Pond Volume litres (gallons)  Max Koi Pond Volume litres (gallons)  Max Flowrate lph (gph)  U.V.C  Dimensions LxWxD (mm)  Inlet Size (mm)  Outlet Size (mm) 
 7000  7000 (1540)  2000 (440)  4000 (880)  11  380x380x520  38  70


 14000 (3080)

 3500 (770)

 6000 (1320)






 25000 (5500)

 6500 (1430)

 8000 (1760)






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