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Twin Pack - Oase Biotec 5.1/10.1 Blue Coarse (corrugated) Foam

Sku: OAA205_2

Key Features

  • High Quality
  • Replacement Foams
  • Coarse Grade
  • Twin Pack
  • Biotec 5.1 and 10.1


High Quality Replacement filter foams to fit the Oase BioTec 5.1 and 10.1 Filter systems.

These replacement filter foams are ideal to replace your existing foams in your Oase Biotec but at the fraction of the cost.

Each foam is made of a Coarse grade foam and has corrugated edges. The foams have slits through them, making them easier to replace on the Biotec unit.

We recommend regular maintenance on your filter. Replacing your foams will help to ensure the filtration in your unit is at is best.


Biotec 5.1/10.1 - Coarse 20 x 25 x 8cm

Twin Pack

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