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Oase AquaOxy Pond Air Pumps

Sku: OAA125

Key Features

  • Reliable and Robust Pumps
  • Provides necessary Aeration
  • Easy to install
  • Provided with airline and airstones
  • For ponds up to 20m
  • 2 Year Guarantee


A ponds eco system relies on a fresh supply of oxygen to keep the fish and plants healthy and happy.

The Oase AquaOxy is a reliable Air Pump that helps to provide essential oxygen in the water. Also known as aerators, the air pumps use a gentle vibration system working with internal diaphragms to create the vital air flow that travels down the airline and is disbursed through 2 robust air stones.

The crucial oxygen is then filtered into the pond water and helps to maintain an all over healthy pond system.


Model Suitable For Ponds up to Max Flow Rate Number of Outlets Number of Air Stones Includes Dimensions
 AquaOxy 250   3m  250 LPH  1  1  1 x 10m Airline (4.5mm)  167 x 106 x 75mm
 AquaOxy 500   5m  500 LPH  2  2  2 x 5m Airline (4.5mm)  180 x 145 x 120mm
AquaOxy 1000 10m 1000 LPH 2 2 2 x 5m Airline (4.5mm) 220 x 225 x 135mm
AquaOxy 2000 20m 2000 LPH 2 2 2 x 5m Airline (4.5mm) 220 x 225 x 135mm

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