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Waterworld Pond Plant Starter Planting Kits

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Key Features

  • Easy to install Starter Kit
  • Contains a basket, plant and planting gravel
  • Ideal for Zone 1 -4 of your pond
  • 9 Various plants to choose from
  • Can be planted between March and August


Making your pond look amazing has been made easy with the Pond Plant Kits from Waterworld.

Available in 9 different varieties, the kits are a simple to use and install set eliminating the extra work needed to include attractive and beneficial plants to a pond environment.

Each plant can be planted between March and August and will flower at varying times through the seasons.

Different plants thrive in different sections of the pond and these Waterplants are designed to sit between Zone 1 and 4 (Most waterplants are recommended to be placed in Zone 3)

To make an effective pond, the planting can be divided into Zones

Zone 1 - Marginal plants - these can be planted in normal garden soil and can surround the pond edge to create attractive edging.

Zone 2 - Marsh or Bog plants - these can sit in varying depths from 0 -15cm under water as the plant roots only need a small amount of water coverage.

Zone 3 - Water Plants - these plants can sit in between 0 - 40cm and need planting much deeper underwater

Zone 4 - Water lilies. The lilies are normally planted in baskets at the base of a pond and can create shade with their leaves

Zone 5 - Oxygenators - plants that help with the overall aeration of the pond

Zone 6 - Surface Floaters - these are not planted and absorb nutrients from the water.

The Waterworld plant kits consist of all the basics you need to start planting into your garden or fish pond. Each set comes with a basket, plant, gravel and extensive planting instructions.


Plant Type Scientific Name/Species Flowering Time Planting Depth Suitable Zones Approx Plant Heights
Acorus (Sweet Flag) Acorous Calamus Varigatus July - August 10 -40cm 1 -3 80 - 120cm
Butomus (Flowering Rush) Butomus Umbelatus July - August 10 - 30cm 2 -3 60 - 100cm
Iris - Purple Iris Kaempferi/Ensata/Japanese May - July 0 - 10cm 1 -2 70 - 90cm
Iris - Yellow Iris Pseudacorus  May - June 0 - 5cm 1 - 3 80 - 100cm
White Water Lily Nymphaea Albatros May - Sept 40 - 100cm 4 7cm
Pink Water Lily Nymphaea Attraction May - Sept 40 - 100cm 4 7cm
Yellow Water Lily Nymphaea Chromatella May - Sept 40 - 100cm 4 7cm
Yellow Dwarf Water Lily Nymphaea Pygmaea Helvola May - Sept 10 - 20cm 2 - 3 7cm
Typha (Dwarf Cattail) Typha Minima May - Sept 10 - 20cm 2 - 3 60 - 80cm
Calla Lily Zanthedesia Aetiopica July - Oct 10 - 15cm 2 - 3 60 - 80cm

All Plants are suitable for planting between March and August

Please note - plant heights are approx - these can vary due to various factors

- No soil is included in these baskets

Contents (per set)

1 x19 x 19 x 9cm Basket

1 x Waterplant

1x Bag 100% Natural Clay Granules

1 x Gravel

1 x Fertilizer Tablet

Planting Instructions

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