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Nishikoi Pond Sticks

Sku: NIF174a

Key Features

  • 25% protein for growth
  • Stabilised vitamin C
  • Low Density
  • High digestible
  • Floating stick
  • Foil sealed for freshness
  • Special Offer - 415g + 30% Extra Fill


**Special offer 415g + 30% Extra Fill= 540g**

Nishikoi Pond Sticks are specially formulated as an all-round pond food.

Pond fish are more active in the warmer months and so they need a complete and balanced diet to enhance their overall health and vitality

Nishikoi Pond Sticks is a low density, highly digestible food with a blend of ingredients to satisfy a wide range of pond fish.

Ideal for beginners, this general purpose stick will float until eaten and is an easy way to determine how much food should be fed.

The Pond Sticks have a high stabilised Vitamin C content which provides the fish with a much needed health boost and helps to protect them from disease.


Available quantities:



540g (415g + 30% Extra Fill)



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